Another important feature of the THIOPAQ O&G Process is the fact that the produced sulphur, also known as biosulphur, has special properties. The biosulphur does not show the hydrophobic behaviour which is typical of the chemically produced sulphur from Claus and redox processes, for example. This has a very positive effect on the operation: the solution behaves like a relatively stable suspension without clogging or other nuisances.

Once the biosulphur is removed from the system there are several outlets for the sulphur. More conventional options such as melting to obtain 'Claus spec' sulphur or landfill are available. But Biosulphur is also the basis of a range of new agricultural products designed to act as (ingredients for) liquid fertilizers and liquid fungicides. The very small particle size adds to the appeal since it guarantees an even distribution over crops and easy absorption by the plants and soils it is used on.