THIOPAQ O&G: the reliable desulphurisation technology

Thiopaq by night

Gas Desulphurisation is notoriously difficult for small to medium sized sulphur sources and for ‘lean’ acid gases in particular. Most other solutions result in either high operational cost or in laborious operations. Or both… 

With THIOPAQ O&G, Paqell offers a way out. The THIOPAQ O&G process integrates gas desulphurization with sulphur recovery in a single unit. That means you can use feedgas straight from the source or offgas from an amine unit. THIOPAQ O&G can be applied to low and high pressure gases.

THIOPAQ O&G benefits include:

  1. Thiopaq O&G plantInherently safe operation:
  2. No free H2S downstream absorber
  3. Ambient temperatures for the whole system (solution temperatures of 25-40 °C)
  4. Bioreactor and sulphur recovery at atmospheric pressure
  5. Essentially complete H2S removal and recovery as elemental S
  6. Low total cost of ownership
  7. Always there when you need it: ˃99% availability

 See the THIOPAQ O&G block scheme