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Sulfur Removal

Desulphurization is required for sour gas. This process starts in most cases with the first step of sulphur removal. After this the desulphurization process continues with sulphur recovery. Traditionally an amine unit followed by Claus based technology is used. For smaller amounts of sulphur, less than approx. 500 KG S/day, scavengers are an economical solution.

Today, gas sources with relatively low H2S content such as smaller multi-well natural gas fields in isolated locations and debottlenecking exercises for refineries are common. As an alternative solutions for most of these challenges Paqell proposes THIOPAQ O&G. It is possible to use the THIOPAQ O&G  for both sulfur removal and sulfur recovery in a single step for those cases where CO2 removal is not required. THIOPAQ O&G can also be employed for sulfur recovery only, treating the off gas from an upstream amine unit. This line up is chosen when CO2 removal is required or amine treament is preferred for other reasons.

Sulphur removal project

THIOPAQ might be an interesting alternative for sulfur removal up to 100 t S/day for your project too. THIOPAQ is a simple, safe and stable system for the removal and/or recovery of sulfur. For an overview of the process steps and a deeper understanding of the technology we have placed an animated movie of the THIOPAQ O&G process on our website.

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