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Natural gas treatment for sulphur removal

Sour natural gas requires desulphurization or 'sweetening'. At least, in most cases.

Traditionally natural gas treatment for sulphur removal is done with Claus/amine based scavenging or technology (dry or wet). In the past decades this hasn't changed much, event though the needs of the market have shifted. Today smaller (shale) multi-well gas fields in isolated locations, gas sources with relatively low H2S content are quite common.

For these challenges, Paqell has developed the THIOPAQ O&G technology. THIOPAQ O&G can be placed 'on the well' to avoid costly sour duty gas gathering grids. An extra 'tool' in your box.

To be economically interesting, THIOPAQ O&G can be applied to desulphurization projects recovering up to 150 t/d of sulphur. Depending on the capacity, THIOPAQ O&G units can be relocated when wells are nearing depletion for more economic gas field exploitation. THIOPAQ O&G technology has been proven in the field at regular gas field pressures of around 80 bar and in line ups downstream of amine units.

Natural gas treatment with THIOPAQDownload Thiopaq OG factsheet

Thiopaq Installations are safe an stable and do not require continuous manning.

For a quick overview of the process steps and a deeper understanding of the THIOPAQ O&G technology we have placed an animated movie of the THIOPAQ O&G process on our website.

Several companies have developed agricultural fertilizers and fungicides based on the biosulphur produced with the THIOPAQ O&G units. A market for biosulphur now exists. As an alternative the biosulphur can be melted. This addresses the questions around sulphur outlet. Download THIOPAQ O&G Desulphurisation factsheet

Why not include THIOPAQ O&G in your next sulphur recovery project technology evaluation?

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