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Hydrogen sulphide removal

Hydrogen sulphide is a strong smelling toxic and combustible gas which can be found in natural, synthesis, refinery and biogas. With the process of THIOPAQ O&G it is possible to biologically remove hydrogen sulphide from gas streams and to recover it in the elemental sulphur. This new process makes it possible to do this in a simple one step process. 

Hydrogen sulphide removal process

Using the process of THIOPAQ O&G hydrogen sulphide can be removed from gas streams in a biological way. The process works with an almost natural temperature of 30-40 degrees and normal pressure which results in more safety. To remove the hydrogen sulphide the gas will go through three different big sections. First step in the process is an absorber, after that the absorbed H2S, now in the form of sulphide, will go through a bioreactor and the final step is a sulphur handling section.

With the help of this process the hydrogen sulphide is removed from the gas and converted into element sulphur. The risks of H2S in natural, synthesis, refinery and biogas are removed and the natural gas is purified to sales specifications.

Paqell's THIOPAQ O&G offers hydrogen sulphide removal and recovery in a single step wherever CO2 removal is not required or biological sulphur recovery only, treating the off gas of an upstream amine unit. Safe, simple and stable.

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