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H2S Scavengers

H2S scavengers are commonly used in the process of removing hydrogen sulphide from gas. There are several types of H2S scavenger. They can be divided into regenerative and non-regenerative H2S scavengers. Removing H2S form gas using H2S scavengers can be a costly activity. But there are better alternatives for gas sweetening processes on a smaller scale.

H2S Scavengers: an alternative

The alternative we refer to here is the THIOPAQ O&G technology. Our technology is in most cases much cheaper compared to the usage of H2S scavengers. The technique works specifically well in gas sweetening processes that are of a relatively small scale or in isolated locations for example. Gas sweetening processes using the THIOPAQ O&G technique result in low CAPEX and OPEX numbers. You can find an overview of the exact steps of the process in our THIOPAQ O&G process description. You can also watch our animated video for a better understanding.

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