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H2S Removal

Sulphuretted hydrogen is a substance that can be found in natural gas, associated gas as well as in treating- and refining operations. Sulphuretted hydrogen, better known as H2S, is a strong smelling toxic gas and harmful for the environment.  The existence of H2S can be noticed by its smell when concentrations are relatively low. 

Why H2S Removal?

Gas which contains hydrogen sulphide needs to go through a desulphurisation process. H2S has to go through this process because of health reasons, security, environment and corrosion of equipment such as boilers and pipes. After the desulphurisation process it is possible to use the  gas.

H2S Removal

Removal and recovery of sulphuretted hydrogen with the help of ‘wet’ scrubber based technologies can be done in several ways  A company can decide to do this with a biological scrubber or with a chemical scrubber. One of the most important benefits of biological removal is the low operating cost.

Paqell's THIOPAQ O&G offers H2S removal and sulphur recovery in a single step wherever CO2 removal is not required or biological sulphur recovery only, treating the off gas of an upstream amine unit.

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