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Desulphurization with THIOPAQ O&G. Simple, stable and safe.

Over the past fifty years traditionally amine/Claus based technology (wet or dry) or scavenging have been used for the desulphurization of sour gas. But in time our needs have shifted to smaller multi-well natural gas fields in isolated locations, gas sources with relatively low H2S content and debottlenecking for refineries are quite normal.

To meet these new challenges Paqell proposes THIOPAQ O&G as an interesting alternative to consider. The technology can be applied to desulphurization projects recovering up to 150 t/d of sulphur. They result in safe and easy operations and relatively low CAPEX and OPEX numbers. 

For more information on the process steps and a deeper understanding of the THIOPAQ O&G technology you can go to the THIOPAQ O&G process description or watch an animated movie of the THHIOPAQ O&G process on our website. 

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