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Desulfurization with THIOPAQ O&G. Simple, stable and safe.

Traditionally an anime/Claus based technology is used for the desulfurization of sour gas. This technique has become very common during the last 50 years. But the market has changed and that asks for new innovative ways to remove sulphur from sour gas.

That is where THIOPAQ O&G steps in. The collaboration between Shell and Paques resulted in a technology that makes desulfurization more easy, safe and simple. This revolutionary technique for desulfurization is certainly one to consider for anyone who has a desulfurization project to run. You think of it as an extra ‘tool’ in your box.

Desulfurization using THIOPAQ O&G

THIOPAQ O&G unique features are in short: simplicity, stability and safety. THIOPAQ O&G can be used for various desulfurization projects that recover up to 150 tons per day of sulphur. The outcome of the process are very low CAPEX and OPEX rates without most of the HSE impact of the traditional desulfurization technique.

If you want a quick insight in the process and how it works we like to show you the THIOPAQ O&G process description. You can also watch the animated movie right here.

Why not include THIOPAQ O&G in your next sulphur recovery project technology evaluation?

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