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Acid Gas Removal

The process of acid gas removal is actually a group of processes that removes hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide form gasses.

Traditionally, in oil refineries and chemical processing plants various alkylamines are used for the process of acid gas removal. For the last 50 years, this has been the common way to go about.  The THIOPAQ O&G technology offers a good alternative for gas in more isolated locations or gas sources with low hydrogen sulphide content but can be used downstream of amine units as a sufur recovery unit as well.

Acid Gas Removal using THIOPAQ O&G

The unique features of acid gas removal using the THIOPAQ O&G method are simplicity, stability and safety.

Our state of the art process is specifically working well in desulphurization projects up to 150 t/d of sulphur. The outcome of this acid gas removal process are very low CAPEX and OPEX numbers. Along with the safety and simplicity of the process THIOPAQ O&G is the alternative to consider when dealing with an acid gas removal project.

You can find an overview of the exact steps of the process in our THIOPAQ O&G process description. You can also watch our animated video for a better understanding. 

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