Our Team

Gijs Van HeeringenT. +31 (0)6 55 123 166

Gijs van Heeringen

Technology Manager

Holds a B.Ed. in Chemistry & Physics but never practiced to be a teacher. Gijs joined Shell in 1974 and worked on a wide variety of topics in the Research Laboratory in Amsterdam. He spent more than 25 years in technical and management roles in the Gas Treating area and in this particular field he also developed into a senior process technologist. Since 2004 he has been the technical lead for the THIOPAQ technology within Shell and in 2011 he joined Paqell as Technology Manager.


Jan-Henk van DijkT. +31 (0)6 23 011 829

Jan-Henk van Dijk

Technical Manager

Holds a M. Sc. Degree in Chemical Engineering/Process Technology and expanded his knowledge further in the field of engineering and (project) management with dedicated courses/training. After working for a total of six years for two different Engineering Contractors in the chemical and oil & gas industry, as a process engineer and as a Lead Process Engineer/Project manager, Jan-Henk joined Paques in 1998. At Paques Jan-Henk has been the technical lead and responsible for project execution for the THIOPAQ technology. In 2011 he joined Paqell as Technical Manager.


T. +31 (0)6 11 958 055

Desiree de Haan

Business Manager

Holds a M. Sc. Degree in Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis and B Sc Degree in Chemical Engineering/Process Technology. Desiree de Haan started her career in Shell’s Downstream Research Laboratory in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has worked at Shell Research and Technology Centre Amsterdam and Criterion for a number of years in catalyst R&D and Technical service in the fields of Distillate Hydrotreating, FCC Pretreat and (Mild) Hydrocracking. During het First In her 20 year career in Shell she had a leading role in implementing/ commercializing new technology. Taking into account her experience and expertise in the Oil and Gas business her new job as Business Manager in the new Joint Venture, Paqell, is an natural fit.