Our approach for developing THIOPAQ O&G plants

At Paqell we have a 4 step approach for developing THIOPAQ O&G plants in line with common practice in the Oil & Gas industry. Within 12 months after the initial contact our desulphurisation unit can be operational. 

  • 1

    Quick Scan

    The first step in our process is the Quick Scan. After filling in the questionnaire, we will inform you as soon as possible whether the conditions at your plant, and the composition of your natural gas stream, are suitable for the THIOPAQ O&G technology.

    We can follow up with a budget quotation stating expected investment and –operational cost together with a high level design.

  • 2

    NDA, detailed proposal, Feasibility Study, FEED, Execution phase

    If the budget quotation indicates that THIOPAQ O&G meets with your project requirements, signing a non-disclosure agreement will enable the release of detailed (confidential) information. This provides you with detailed insight in the integration of THIOPAQ O&G at the site. Paqell can follow up with a basic process design package serving as a base for the FEED or as a fast forward to the EPC phase.

    Firm proposal 
    Paqell is dedicated to marketing and continued development of the THIOPAQ O&G technology. Therefore our scope of delivery is limited to licensing, engineering packages and operational support. Detailed engineering packages, firm proposals and actual THIOPAQ O&G skid built units can be obtained from one of our carefully selected partners:

    Frames Gas Processing
    Hofung Technology
    Paques Environmental Technology Shanghai

    or from any EPC of your own choice.

  • 3

    GO/NO GO decision and execution phase

    During the detailed design- and construction phase Paqell experts support you with process oriented checks of construction drawings and of the actual unit under construction.

  • 4


    Experienced Paqell operators will be on site to support during commissioning and startup. We include a training programme for your operations staff. After this phase, your own crew will be able to monitor and optimize the plant. Maintenance is typically centred around rotating equipment. Vessels are essentially maintenance free. THIOPAQ O&G does not have a set maintenance schedule; it will follow other process equipment on site thus enabling a maximum uptime of site operations.