Biological technologies to reduce harmful emissions.


We develop biological technologies to reduce harmful emissions.

biological gas desulfurization

Thiopaq O&G

With Thiopaq O&G, hydrogen sulfide is removed from sour gas streams and converted to elemental sulfur. Our bio-technology based solution uses naturally occuring microorganisms to safely and efficiently remove sulfur components from a wide varietly of gas streams.

Paqell licenses Thiopaq O&G technology for companies in the oil and gas industry.

>99.99% H2S removal

  • High sulfur removal rates, >99.99%
  • Proven technology with over 20 units installed in oil and gas
  • Over 300 units installed in biogas applications
  • Robust and stable process: easily capable of handling large swings in operation
  • Ambient temperatures throughout the system
  • Bioreactor and sulfur recovery section operate at atmospheric pressure
  • Low total cost of ownership, low OpEx compared to chemicals- based technologies
  • Non hazardous waste streams
  • High up-time: >99% availability


Thiopaq O&G technology can be used to remove hydrogen sulfide and recover sulfur from different types of gas steams:

  • Natural gas
  • Refinery gas
  • Fuel gas
  • Flare gas
  • Sour gas
  • Acid gas
  • Associated gas
  • Claus tail gas
  • Various types of process off gasses
  • Biofuels production off gas
  • Biogas

Quick Scan

Check whether a gas stream can be treated by Thiopaq O&G by filling our Quick Scan.

By filling flow, pressure, H2S and CO2 concentration, the tool shows if Thiopaq O&G would be suitable for treating the gas stream.



A total of 21 Thiopaq O&G units have been started up in the past 20 years.

Four units are currently being built, and will be started up soon. Latest project: In the Netherlands, a state of the art biofuels plant is being built with a capacity of 820,000 tons per year. Found out more about Thiopaq O&G units in operation here.

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